Crucial to our brand philosophy is to take stand as an organization that looks forward into the realities that we need to face collectively.

At WOYOYO we plant one tree on every one sold bag. In such way we offset the use of wood in our products. Furthermore, we are taking steps to be a transparent business and to offer clarity about production and our values to our customers.

Soon the company plans to adopt a Digital Passport using Block Chain technology. This will allow us to strategically evolve as brand by being accountable and embracing the ever growing presence of technology in fashion industry.



Borjomi National Forest

One of the largest national forests of Europe and richest one with its biodiversity today requires our help! In August 2008 and again in 2017 wildfires hit Borjomi forest which has top grade ecological significance. Wildfires lasting several days, spread across 1000 ha of forest and burnt to the ground.

Over years we have witnessed progressing ecological disaster. Effects of the disaster hinder the natural restoration of the forest and human intervention has no alternative.

According to experts from WWF and United Nation’s Development Program, the Borjomi forest requires urgent human intervention, otherwise, damages to the natural forest will become irreversible.


2019 –

Ajameti Protected Area

Ajameti Managed Reserve is located 230 km away from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and it was formed as a strict nature reserve in 1946 to preserve rare and relict Imeretian Oak and Zelkva trees. The famous oaks of Ajameti are ancient natural treasures, with some of the trees being over 250 years old.

In Ajameti Protected Areas we are planting and rehabilitating Georgian Oak (Quercus iberica), Imeretian Oak (Quercus Imeretina) and Zelkva (Zelcva carpinfolia), the latter two species are endemic and endangered and member of the Red List of Georgia.