WOYOYO combines Georgian artistry, craftsmanship and design into modern aesthetic. Each accessory is fashioned and refined by the power of our hands.

We engrave invaluable time to make products that stand up. To withstand the test of time and to defy seasonal trends the end product must be luxury.

Leko Melashvili is the artist, craftswoman behind WOYOYO. Leko was born in Georgia, a small but ancient country with a rich cultural history, which continues to flourish in the present day.

She first started showing her flair whiles creating accessories at the early age of 6, she was discovered by her very own grandmother who immersed her into the art of making by supplying her with fibers and materials for sewing, knitting and weaving.

Through the conduction of the sound of knitting threads rhyme in perfection to create beautifully handmade clothing & accessories. Sound of Knitting, contextual realm of sounds, rhythms and vibrations that through a synchronized action band together our beautiful handmade accessories, encapsulating musicality in the art of knitting.


WOYOYO combines Georgian knitting culture and design into modern aesthetic. Knitting which is widely used in the Georgian tradition has been re conceptualized to show case a style, an amalgam of tradition and modern aesthetics.

WOYOYO makes Luxury Bags by all accounts embracing slow fashion with conscious philosophy celebrating individuality and authenticity. Genuine craftsmanship and demanding artisan methods make our products of exceptional quality.

Unusual usage of two materials, wood and yarn builds an unlikely combination that makes Leko Melashvilis’s designs elaborately masterful with outstanding quality.

We primarily use Georgian Walnut Heartwood, well known in the world for its exquisite quality and excellent woodworking properties. We deeply appreciate the texture, the qualities and visual value that natural wood offers to our products. As for yarn we use high quality yarn, specifically Acryl or Mercerized Cotton due to their longevity and practicality.

Crucial to our brand philosophy is to take stand as an organization that looks forward into the realities that we need to face collectively. At WOYOYO we plant one tree on every one sold bag. In such way we offset the use of wood in our products. Furthermore, we are taking steps to be a transparent business and to offer clarity about production and our values to our customers.

Our products wouldn’t have this luxury feel for not having superb handknitting quality. Exceptionally hard technic used by Leko’s a defining knitting pattern distinctive to all our handbags and accessories without using stiches makes our handbags so hard and exhausting to make. There is a painstaking process in both craftsmanship and designing that our handbags go through in order to get the all measurements correct before they are handcrafted. In our designs every millimeter matters, all must be perfectly meet.

At WOYOYO we are using innovative wooden handbag mechanisms developed by Leko Melashvili and our partners. These mechanism are unique to WOYOYO bags.

Where there is technology there is bound to be innovation to drive forward. Without innovating on every level of production we would not have come to this point. By consciously limiting our self to use simply two materials, wood and yarn we often had to overcome issues of practicality during the manufacturing process. This process applies both to Woodwork and to Knitting. One had to be perennially pushed to reliably accommodate the other.